It’s true! There really isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to be at your event in one way or another… and here is an other!

I’ve sang in my bedroom, in the shower, on stage, in competitions and so may other places since being a little one, i’ve even taught singing and it really does fill my heart with joy.

Singing at my own wedding was one of the best things I ever did- aside from actually getting married ofcourse!
It was a complete surprise for Jason and for Phoebe… who stops crying eventually- promise!
Excuse my wobbly bits in that video- singing at your own wedding is a VERY emotional thing!

I thought there was no better way to start this page than with a clip from my special day!

I offer singing for all events and can be booked for anything from one song to sing you down the aisle to a full set with an accompanist.

Get in touch for more info and pricing.