Our Story

27.10.18 was MAGICAL. The only way to begin this journey with ‘A Labour of Love’ is to share this day with you, my forever favourite day, My Wedding Day.

As a little girl I always had a fascination with the enchanted. One of my earliest memories was watching fairies drink tea and host parties as I stood outside gazing at them through the windows of my Wendy House… that fascination has never left me. Walking through dim lit woodland, standing amongst twinkly lights and skipping down mossy walkways always makes me feel at home.

Luckily I met a man who loves my imagination and when the wedding planning commenced I was given total free rein. I don’t think he ever imagined giving up the space in our kitchen as a workshop though! 

So I set to it, finding suppliers that could make the whole vision come to life.

Drawing out the designs for my cake, tables & confectionary stands.
Making centrepiece after centrepiece of crafted polystyrene. Sticking, painting, mossing, wrapping, wiring, spraying 6ft trees. My, now husband, getting stuck in there with a paintbrush too. I’m sure he thought I was going loopy, especially when i threw making a 7ft donut wall and pallet fronted tables into the mix!

The day came when everything needed to be set up and it made me feel SO alive. Using the beautiful blank canvas of our venue and making it into our enchanted autumnal forest made every second of preparation worth it. It was there, ready and set for everyone to share.

So here I am, sharing this with you. The photo you see here makes me so proud. It came together as we had both imagined and not only that but it was so incredible to hear the amazement from our friends and family too.

I’ve decided that it is my absolute mission to sprinkle a little bit of pixie dust into as many peoples lives as possible. Taking their visions and dreams and turning them into reality at their event, whatever that may be.

So that is where this Labour of Love begins... with you